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    Erik Litmanovich is well known as the CEO of Golden West Food Group (GWFG), a leading national provider of value-added and beloved food and beverages to retailers all over the U.S. and overseas. Today, Golden West Food Group produces thousands of products nationwide to a variety of customers in food service, military, private label and retail channels including grocery, club & mass merchant. Erik leads five Golden West Food Group production divisions, known as Teva Foods, Teva Meats, Golden West Trading, California Farms Meat Company, and Completely Fresh Foods. He also leads GWFG’s beverage division Stratus Group and Stratus Wine & Spirits. Erik Litmanovich holds more than 28 years of experience in food manufacturing and has led many companies towards success with his expert knowledge and business strategies. Under his leadership efforts, GWFG has grown consistently and is committed towards providing high quality and fresh licensed products like Certified Angus Beef and Jack Daniel’s® BBQ meats, Meat District Butcher-Crafted, Premium Meats, Moe’s Southwest Grill At-Home, Calle Sabor, Red Moon and so many more to millions of Americans daily.


    Erik Litmanovich’s Professional Career


    Erik Litmanovich started his career in the food manufacturing industry at a very young age. As CEO of Golden West Food Group, Erik has emerged as one of the top fresh and frozen food producers in the United States. He has led nearly all domains of the food manufacturing industry, ranging from diverse product line development to installation of USDA inspected food plants, strategic marketing and sales and more. Erik Litmanovich worked with the company to launch various licensed food product lines under popular brand names such as Jack Daniel’s® BBQ Meats, Meat District, Moe’s Southwest Grill At Home and Certified Angus Beef. He also teamed up with renowned celebrity chef and New York Times best-selling author Guy Fieri to launch an exclusive product line known as Guy Fieri’s Flavor Town Foods offering deliciously marinated meats, sausages and variety of burgers. Over the course of Erik’s career, he has introduced over 4,000 variety of frozen and fresh foods to the marketplace.

    Erik also supports green and sustainable initiatives. He initiated various conservation programs with energy- and water-saving investments, recycling methods, and encouraged production of organic foodstuffs. He also developed an effective cyclical commodity purchasing system that stands as a testament to his perseverance and commitment to sustainability. On the brand side, Erik Litmanovich and Golden West Food Group have helped regenerative agriculture brands like Cooks Venture secure over $12 million in funding.

    Erik Litmanovich’s professional interests also extend to the hospitality industry and a capital investment enterprises company with locations in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

    Beyond the food industry, Erik Litmanovich has a number of achievements in the film industry. He was one of the executive producers of popular the 2014 war documentary film The Hornet’s Nest. The documentary was created by an award-winning journalist Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos who portray the struggle of U.S. military solders carrying out a mission in Afghanistan’s most hostile regions. Erik was also the the executive producer of the 2015 American film Ten Thousand Saints about a teenager, Jude Keffy-Horn, who moves from Vermont to New York City.


    About Golden West Food Group


    Golden West Food Group, located in Vernon, California (USA), consists of more than 300,000 square feet of space and focuses on producing high quality raw and fully cooked meats and other condiments. GWFG offers food products under various popular brand names such as Jack Daniel’s® BBQ Meats, Moe’s Southwest Grill At Home, Meat District and Certified Angus Beef to millions of Americans nationwide. Erik Litmanovich who is associated with Golden West Food Group as the company CEO for more than 28 years has immensely contributed to its growth and success.

    Under Erik’s supervision, GWFG collaborated with renowned chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri to launch Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Foods which included a wide range of deliciously marinated meats, sausages, burgers and more in various exciting flavors. Erik also teamed up with various other renowned chefs to provide supply to popular companies like Walmart and Sam’s Club to The Walt Disney Company.

    Visit www.gwfg.com to know more, explore a wide variety delicious food products.


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